EMI / EMC Solution Parts
Based on customer need
To be the leading supplier of magnetic, passive, electro mechanical, and discrete components with value added services and create demand for all tiers of customers in electronics industry.
AC Line Filter
Electrical Characteristics 1
Electrical Characteristics 2
CF7TR-021 23*13mm Inductance :1.0mH Rated Current :2A
CF7TR-022 34*23mm Inductance :8.0mH Rated Current :2A
CF7TR-023 47*27mm Inductance :2.0mH Rated Current :10A
CF7TR-024 50*28mm Inductance :2.0mH Rated Current :15A
PCC-15012-802 HF 15.5*15*12mm Inductance:8.0mH Rated Current:0.3A
PCC-15012-123 HF 15.5*15*12mm Inductance:12.0mH Rated Current:0.2A
PCC-15012-303 HF 15.5*15*12mm Inductance:30.0mH Rated Current:0.1A
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