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Introduction of New PHD By BW
Power Hybrid Design
BWLX product series are result from our new PHD (Power Hybrid Design) concept with patent protected taking account of the market drives on lagged flux saturation and low power loss.
Power Hybrid Device(PHD)
Electrical Characteristics 1
Electrical Characteristics 2
BWLX-PQ5035A 52*46*37mm Inductance:320~160uH Suitable power:1000~2000W
BWLX-PQ2620A 27.8*26*21.3mm Inductance:530~300uH Suitable power:200~300W
BWLX-3015A 30*16*30mm Inductance:510~300uH Suitable power:200~350W
BWLX-3020A 30*21*30mm Inductance:450~210uH Suitable power:300~500W
BWLX-3020B 30*21*30mm Inductance:570~280uH Suitable power:250~500W
BWLX-PQ3220A 33.5*30*21mm Inductance:1000~280uH Suitable power:300~650W
BWLX-PQ3220B 33.5*30*21mm Inductance:810~360uH Suitable power:250~500W
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