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Bull Will Co., Ltd. was founded in 1994.

As the best cooperative partner of electronic components,
Bull Will aims to provide the necessary technical solutions
to help customers build the next generation of great products.
Whether it’s power and EMI countermeasure components, quick
samples, or even scaling up from small batches to large-scale
production,we will meet what is required at a reasonable price.
Bull Will has extensive experience over a long period of time in
working with our clients. The markets that Bull Will serve include
power supplies, LCD monitors, smart phones, notebooks, servers,
air conditioning, automotive, solar inverter, etc…

Bull Will is engaged in customized magnetic components, transformers, and high-reliability magnetic components for cars with standard inductor products of manufacturing. In addition, as an agent, we still sell many of the passive component materials, including ferrite cores, the alloy powder core, amorphous powder core, LEDs, touch switches, connectors, and MOSFETs. By providing manufacturers with comprehensive service through our engineering, manufacturing and quality management team, Bull Will has always stayed ahead of so-called “commercial off-the-shelf” standard products. Our strength lies in our design and manufacturing capability in complex magnetic circuits, a combination of magnetic accessories and resolving electromagnetic interference faced by our customer’s products.
We provide high value-added services such as magnetic components, passive components, electronic mechanics, and discrete components to create customers’ requirement in the electronics industry, and thereby we have become the leading supplier in the industry.
Key Strategies
.Invest ahead of the curve. New offices, New product lines and Strategic Acquisition.
.Demand Creation/socket replacement tracking/bring tier2 suppliers to tier1 customers.
.Trong Penetration in Power Supply, PC customers / Winning space in Automotive, Solar solutions.
.Expanding product offering with speed thru mfg footprint/products expanding and acquisition.
.Bring service all the way to door step for all customer and help 2nd Tier customers gain its market share.
.EMI Debug / Safety Approval for customers, design solution and hand make sample in 36 hours.
.Measuring our success => Customer total satisfaction and grow faster than the market.
.We are transforming the co. to a fully integrated Inductor components Supplier.
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